Get the Lowdown on Chinese Gambling Superstitions and Myths

While the Western part of the world is steeped in modern-day philosophies in many ways, the Chinese tend to hold onto more of their superstitious beliefs, visit site for more information. Horoscopes and Feng Shui, two commonly-known beliefs even in North America, actually got their start in this Eastern country. Chinese gambling superstitions are many, and it is evident in many different ways.

In the Movies

Media is one of the ways in which the beliefs of this culture are brought to light. One film by the name of Fat Choi Spirit depicts a gambler who always wore red underwear to the tables and had his friends touch his shoulders throughout his sessions regarding gambling superstitions. What's more, bags filled with various books surrounded him as he spent his money because all of these things are believed to help bring more luck. Another film, Kung Fu Mahjong, also featured red underwear and referred to those who shout "Deng!" before a card is drawn in hopes of calling upon the spirit of luck.

Numbers Games

If you ever have the chance to observe people in a real casino in China, you'll likely notice that people often place their wagers on their personal lucky numbers regardless of what the odds might be for any given game like the US online poker. They get their numbers from the stars, Feng Shui, and their horoscopes. Some of them will say prayers to their gods, offer up different foods for sacrifice, and even kiss statuettes or hold them in a certain hand prior to making any kind of decisions.

At-Home Spending

Chinese gambling superstitions even seep into these people's home lives. Again, before a session via a computer, some people will take the time to use Feng Shui to arrange their furniture and d├ęcor in such a way that it corresponds with luck with casino gambling. They truly believe that this placement directs energy in certain ways and that it can help them become more successful in their endeavors.

Whether or not any of these Chinese gambling superstitions are actually helpful is hard to prove or disprove, but it isn't much different than the average Westerner carrying a lucky penny or a rabbit's foot in his or her pocket.