Gambling Superstitions

There are no lack of gambling superstitions and people are always looking for a little bit of luck when they make their next wager, gamble at site. From betting on your favorite color to moving from the Blackjack table because of a testy dealer there are signs that people take that they think will give them an edge when they are gambling. Myth and superstition have always been a part of gambling and they always will.

From blowing on a set of dice for luck or carrying a lucky rabbit's foot there are tons of superstitions that gamblers have and believe in chinese gambling superstitions. Hey, if you feel better about a wager from following a superstition why not do so? Obviously, it is irrational to count on a lucky superstition to win a bet, but if you think it gives you an edge over the house then use it!

There are many different things that gamblers do in thinking it will give them the advantage, but there are many that are very common and bring good luck symbols. Just a few of the more common superstitions that gamblers have are having a four-leaf clover, rabbit's foot, horseshoe, personal lucky charm, wearing a lucky piece of clothing, blowing on the dice before a roll, dressing nicely, crossing of the fingers, neatly stacking casino chips, and betting on only red or black to name just a few.

While many gambling superstitions are thought to give gamblers luck there are also many that are thought to bring bad luck and gamble on online sports gambling. Some of those common ones are breaking a mirror, black cat crossing your patch, walking under a ladder, the color black a dog close to the gaming table.

Most gamblers have followed a superstition at one time or another, but there is still no substitute for practice for games and game strategies. These things will increase your chances to be successful when gambling rather than just relying on luck. Gambling superstitions are a part of gambling and if you think it works for you great, but there are things that you can do to increase your chances to win.