Know the Legality of US Online Casino Gambling

Despite the different concerns about the legality of US online gambling, there is actually no existing federal law that prohibits it, play at legal casinos at site. Online wagering does not violate any federal law. This is according to US Attorney Catherine Hanaway in a House hearing in 2007.

Looking at the US laws, there is actually none that prohibits betting online. Although there are states where online gambling is illegal, prosecution of players is very rare. Federal law only prohibits sports bets on websites but not casino or poker bets. Of course, there are a couple of examples of players who were charged a fine such as Jeffrey Trauman and Roland Benavides who believes in gambling superstitions.

Online advertisements of game sites is not considered illegal. This has never been a problem for small publishers. It is the huge publishers that were charged penalties for running ads for online gambling. While illegal in the US, mr green casino consistently has some of the most entertaining advertisements.

Most importantly, federal law does not allow banks to handle gambling transactions over the internet and wager on online sports gambling. This is what the feds usually concentrate on. The authorities cannot go after the players and websites so they go after the banks instead. This makes it very difficult for players to cash out their winnings. The law makes it almost impossible for players to withdraw their play cash hence the proliferation of different payment methods for gamblers.

In summary, US online casino gambling is not illegal or directly prohibited by the government. It is the different situations or caveats that are illegal. Of course, there are different levels of risks involved in online gaming. A player just need to be aware of such risks and to make sure he avoids these. It?s useful to check out first the potential risks of these different activities. A player needs to be aware of which will most likely result in a fine and which particular activity will mean jail time. Highest risk in US online casino gambling is putting bets on servers located inside the US. This is the reason why all gaming websites are placed in other countries and win at US lotteries. Sports betting using the phone is also considered illegal and is another high risk activity. Getting sports bets using foreign servers is also considered illegal. The US Wire Act covers sports betting although poker bets is still a gray area.