Gambling Good Luck Symbols and Their Meanings

Throughout the professional and amateur world, gambling good luck symbols are a part of life in land-based and online casinos, try site for tips. Whether people insist on carrying a rabbit's foot, a lucky penny or perhaps even an orange, they likely only help by impacting their frame of mind and not the way Lady Luck herself is behaving that day.

The Rabbit's Foot

The rabbit's foot is an odd symbol and some people find it quite disturbing. This superstition came to be back in the days of the witch when it was once said that witches transformed themselves into rabbits so they could not be detected. Thus, if a rabbit was killed, it could also be claimed that a witch was dead and people would carry the foot around as proof of the deed with US lotteries. Sometimes it is said that the foot must be taken while the animal is still alive or that it must be killed with a silver bullet.

The Lucky Penny

The lucky penny has always been a welcome sign and is one of the most well-known gambling good luck symbols in Western lands who believes in gambling superstitions. In order for it to do its job, though, it must be found outside of one's own property - such as in a parking lot or on the sidewalk - and it must be heads-up. Anyone who picks up a tails-up penny is surely doomed! There are records of people who have picked up numerous coins and who carry them in a special pouch in their pockets, truly believing that the more they have on their person, the luckier they will be!

The Orange

This one seems quite strange and it isn't really one of the common good luck symbols. It is synonymous with the legendary poker player named Johnny Chan who would take one with him and just leave it by his side as he played, never taking the first bite. At first, people believed that Chan was superstitious and that's why he always had the orange by his side with casino gambling. Later on, it was determined that scraping the peel of the orange with his nail and sniffing it was the only way he could tolerate the smoky environment as it was at the time.

As you can see, good luck charms mean different things to different people. Rabbits' feet and pennies are widely known, but people like Chan still swear by the orange which was once just for comfort but is now a gesture of good faith.