Why Is My Bovada Casino Account Shut?

The widespread use of the internet has changed the world of online gambling beyond recognition, making online gambling the most popular method of placing bets.

With Bovada Casino customer service staff making historical statistics and data public, many well-educated individuals have taken up sports betting as not only a means of earning a living but also a form of entertainment.

Professional gamblers have a good knowledge of the bookmaking calculations and can make long-term profits through bet hedging and arbitrage strategies.

Despite players' complaints addressed to customer service, a common secret practice among top bookmakers is to severely limit or close winning accounts in a bid to keep winning players away from their business.

While certain bookmakers even cancel accounts and literally stop winning players from accessing their online platform, others effectively cancel their relationship by restricting stakes to absurdly low amounts like $2 per wager.

With increasing cases of winning players making a complaint to the customer service about their Bovada Casino closed accounts, the question is, what could be the cause of this? Keep reading to find out what leads to a Bovada Casino closed account before deciding to lodge a complaint to their customer service.

Reasons why You Have a Bovada Casino Closed Account

We've gathered comprehensive information about why the customer service, regardless of any complaint, might agree on a Bovada Casino closed account. After going through the following reasons, you will have a much better understanding of what could possibly lead to a Bovada Casino closed account. Be sure to keep the following reasons at the back of your mind before you engage in sports gambling and lodge a complaint to the customer service.

You Win a Lot

If you eventually win too much at the betting site, it's very likely that your will across some limits or even face with a closed Bovada Casino account. While you might not be aware of this, this is actually the most common reason wh accounts are limited or shut down by online casinos, even though there are many complaints addressed to their customer service regarding this issue. Of course it's amazing if you're winning all the time, as that means you're coining it in. But it's bad news if that causes your account to be limited or terminated by customer service, although lodging a complaint is still an option.

When all is said and done, Bovada Casino exists to turn in a profit. They don't mind customers that win every now and again. But if you tend to win most of the time, that means the betting shop is losing cash and they hate that. While it might seem to be unpleasantly surprised with a Bovada Casino closed account since you are winning a lot, they're well within their rights to do just that.

Abuse of Bonuses and Promotions

If you have abused Bovada's bonuses and promotions, their customer service despite any complaint, will limit or even close your account. While it's normal for online betting shops to offer loads of bonuses and promotions, they don't want them be abused though. The betting platform offers these bonuses and promotions in order to attract new players while also keeping existing ones happy.

In terms of abuse, the sportsbook's customer service staff will keep track of how often you're playing with promotional offers. In general, they typically don't like it if you only bet with promotional offers.

By only utilizing bonuses and promotions to wager, chances are that your gaming account won't be profitable to the bookmaker. If you're not occasionally betting on things that have no promotional offer, you risk of being limited or getting a Bovada Casino closed account.

Having More than One Account

Bovada's customer service really hates it when people open two different betting accounts. People will often try this in order to abuse the bonuses and promotions. For instance, a guy might open an extra account using his partner's name so he can take advantage of the welcome bonus. Unfortunately, this is frowned upon by Bovada and customer service regardless of the complaints will typically decide quickly on a Bovada Casino closed account when they discover duplicates.

Over the years, this online casino has developed numerous tools to help them smoke out duplicate accounts. On a basic level, they utilize IP address tracking but it gets far more sophisticated than that. Their ways and means of identifying duplicate accounts are their top secrets. Bovada customer service will cancel an obvious duplicate betting account, but they can also limit or close accounts if they suspect that they could be duplicate.

You Bet Ridiculous Amounts

Something that will get Bovada customer service to quickly flag your account is if you bet ridiculous amounts. By ridiculous accounts, we mean non-round bets.

For instance, if you constantly bet amounts like $2.47 instead of $2 or $3, you'll end up on the betting platform's radar. This is because you behave like a possible arbitrager if you bet in ridiculous amounts.

Arbitragers, also referred to as arbers, are typically professional gamblers who've used their methods and systems to make calculated wagers down to the cent. Therefore, they often place frequent bets at weird amounts. As Bovada customer service is no fan of arbers, since they tend to suck money out of the betting house in the long run, you'll want to avoid wagering like one to protect your account.

Ignoring Bovada Bonuses and Promotions

Another reason why despite the complaints, the customer service will bring on a Bovada Casino closed account, is if you totally ignore their bonuses and promotions. Let's face it, we all like free cash. But many professional bettors won't waste time looking at promotional offers. They typically have a game plan for wagers and won't mess about with bonuses and promotions.

Even if it's unintentional, not taking advantage of Bovada's bonuses and promotions can get your account cancelled or limited. By making use of at least one or two offers on your gaming account, you'll likely be on the safe side and not seem like a professional gambler.