Online Horse Racing US Style - But Where Are The Kings?

When it comes to sports and gambling horse racing has been around for donkey's years, pardon the pun, visit for best casinos. In merry ole England, it has long been considered the Sport of Kings, it even conjures up thoughts of that well known monarch King Henry V111 along with his "few excess pounds" out for his early morning ride, putting his poor sorry creature through its miserable paces. We think that this would have been the closest that Henry ever come to an early morning walk or jog in an effort to remain fit, but then he wouldn't have had a computer to exercise his mind never mind be exposed to the new world of online horse racing US style.

Some of these poor creatures, seem very fickle, when it comes to having to learn the ropes of their designated trade and win US lotteries. You could compare racing horses to the modern era of European soccer players, where these guys are paid massive amounts of money, but really only turn in a performance of note when it suits them, only thing with the horse, is financial benefits don't come in to the equation.

Horse racing kicked off in North America many years ago, in 1665 to be precise. Long before online horse racing US racing tracks started sprouting up around the country with the first of its kind named the Newmarket course, being established in Salisbury, New York. At the very first event, as you would expect, the colonial governor was in attendance just don't bring bring jonah in the room. Back then this would have been as close as you could get to a photo-shoot to up your profile, so Richard Nicolls the governor at the time would have been delighted to have his name attached to supervising this brand new sport.

It would have been hard to conceive how decades on, horses racing against one another would have developed into the industry that it has now become. Certainly with online wagering now, it's just incredibly simple to participate in one of the numerous events that go on daily at racetracks around the world with no deposit bonus. Just in 2008 alone, global revenues closed out at a massive $115 billion, and if you add that to all the additional sports and games available, you can see that the Sport of Kings is still very much alive and kicking.